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Our Services

At Superclean we always assure you of an affordable quality service for which you will realize that you ought to have hired Superclean long before.

We are professionals in carpet and upholstery cleaning, hard floor, wooden floor, Stripping, Sanding and Polishing, Lawn care and gardening services, pest control and fumigation services, Garbage collection services and General contract cleaning services. In addition, we offer several innovative services designed to meet the specific needs of our clients.

These include:

 Event Cleaning
 Jet Car Washing
 Day porter services
 Tile & Grout Cleaning
 High Pressure Cleaning
 Fumigation/Pest Control
 High level window washing
 Post construction clean- up
Garbage Collection & Disposal
 Carpet Cleaning & Restoration
 Carpet, upholstery (cleaning & vacuuming)
 Cleaning and disinfection of touch points
 Marble & stone floor polishing/restoration
 Floor maintenance (cleaning, restoration & refinishing)

Services Offered in Details
Carpet & Upholstery
With our technical assistance Superclean will clean your carpets & upholstery with modern hot water mixed with shampoos and extraction cleaners, for wet extraction and leaving your carpet, sofa, curtain blinds clean to perfection. We have driers that enable cleaned items dry faster. And instantly to avoid the inconvenience of living with wet items and odors that accompanies them.

Hard Floors
We scrub, strip, seal and polish all types of hard floor (i.e. p.v.c tiles, vinyl tiles, linoleum tiles, asphalt tiles) with Wetrok scrubbing machines and Wetrok polish, strippers and seal which is easy to maintain, resists scuffing has metalized formulation for harder wear and long life and provide along lasting durable high glass self shining finish.

Wooden Floors
We strip and polish with Wetrok machines and polish, we also polish wooden floors with our polish which has a self shining finishing and hard ware, even if you have high traffic in your premises, it takes years to get worn out.

Lawn Mowing
We do compound lawn mowing on residential and commercial premises.

Fumigation & Pest Control
We exterminate pests and rodents in residential and commercial buildings. These pests include: cockroaches, ants, warps, mosquitoes, and bees, bed bags using B&G equipment and environmentally friendly pesticides. As we all know many of the above pests bring diseases and harm to human so it's important to live in pest free environment to avoid getting diseases and harm caused by the above pests by carrying out a pest control exercise, 3 times a year on your premises. We also fumigate compounds with environmental friendly pesticides!

Bats Control
Bats are good mammals but they damage our premises whenever they hide in the roof tops their feaces spoils the ceiling and they make a lot of noise, we control them by pumping powder chemicals in the roof top, (ceiling) they vacate the roof and the chemicals prevents them from coming back to hide in the roof top again.

Rodent Control
We exterminate rats and mice using Detia Rodenticide which is very attractive to rats and mice its lethal it normally kills on 1st dose, rats cause a lot of damage to our properties by eating cables covering our electrical appliances and might also spread diseases to human so it's important that you control the rats and mice at least 3 times a year.

Termites have more ways to enter your home/premises than you do, you may not see them until it's too late. Termites are tough. Determined, highly efficient and chances are you will see no evidence of their work until structure damage has been done. sub-terranean termites, the most common kind, live in colonies in the soil from just below the surface to as much as 12 feet down each colony is built around a queen and drones, whose sole job is reproduction. Worker termites "commute" between the colony and sources of food, including wood fibers and other forms of cellulose which they eat digest and share with others members of their colony.

They keep busy 24 hours every day, these workers rarely break through the surface of wood instead they hollow it out from inside. So the vast majority of their work is invisible until something gives a way. Make your house/premises a protected island by treating the soil around and beneath your premises with a chemical effective against termites i.e. termites cannot go across the chemical barrier and they die after a short period. As professional pest control operators we have the knowledge, the experience, the materials and equipment to protect your house/premises against termite damage. And it's advisable to always to treat the soil in the foundation before commencing with the construction of the house. So prevent further damage to your life investments by calling the professionals today.

Garbage Collection & Disposal
We collect and dispose refuse in Kampala and its suburbs

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