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Superclean was started by Jimmy Kisomose Ssonko in 1997 with 2 employees. And 1 set of cleaning machines, operating in a 1 room office at Entebbe road, Kampala. Over the years, Superclean has grown organically into one of the leading cleaning companies in Uganda.

To promote a clean environmennt both at homes and work place and foster business development as a strategy for you towards improved performance.

To see improved cleanliness and quality of life both at home and work place for all, through the provision of professional and affordable cleaning and hygiene services. Over the years, Superclean has grown organically into one of the leading cleaning companies in Uganda.

Today the company employees over 250 people.

Since our establishment, we have put in place systems to enable the company to offer quality services and to grow further. We have offered our services to government institutions, schools, hotels, hospitals, industries and private individuals.

Superclean uses state of the art cleaning machines and equipment purchased from different manufacturers around the world.

The Staff of Superclean Ltd have adequate training in cleaning and pest control services, the company trainers were  trained in the above services by Siyaya Skills Institute and Wetrok industro-clean pty(our suppliers of cleaning equipment and chemicals) of Rand burg, South Africa.

We do recruit both male and female employees when there is need and we always put our description in the print media and employment bureaus, and train them prior to deployment.

All our workers are insured with workmanship Insurance policy and our clients property is insured with public liability insurance policy.

Superclean is a mobile company that can go to any part of the country with 4 service vans to transport the machinery to your site.

Financial Status
Superclean is financially well with a turnover of  above one billion shillings.

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