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Our Competences

Superclean is a fast growing professional cleaning service company. The company brings together several fully qualified and experienced professionals, with a wide range of practical skills.

We are professionals in carpet and upholstery cleaning, hard floor, wooden floor, Stripping, Sanding and Polishing, Lawn care and gardening services, pest control and fumigation services, Garbage collection services and General contract cleaning services.

Our competences are divided into three levels
Level One: Quality Management
"Quality is the product you create doing your very best" Superclean has developed a system for quality management in all phases of production. The theoretical basis of the system is this quality manual that is used as a reference by all employees and constitutes a significant part of our training system. Theory is put into practice by means of a series of tools that managers use for commissioning, management, control and maintenance of results.

The quality system is highly computerised in order to ensure continuity and consistency. The use of computers for quality registration prevents unwanted arbitrariness of sampling and evaluation. The system is updated successively to meet requirements at all times. A case in point is the implementation of the quality standard that is used in connection with invitations to tender for major public cleaning contracts.

Notwithstanding theory and quality management, the outcome of our daily efforts still depends on our attitude. Hence, for Superclean quality always means to deliver minimum what we have promised our customers.


Level Two: Environmental Policy
"We have a critical attitude to the way, We handle the environment" Superclean attaches great importance to both the external environment and health and safety for our customers and staff. We have therefore elected to formulate the measures we have implemented, our environmental plans and overall environmental action plan in an official environmental policy.

Externally, our environmental policy serves to communicate our environmental commitment to customers and public bodies. Internally, the environmental policy forms the basis of all proactive environmental measures at Superclean, including as part of our internal training programme.

However, it is up to our entire organisation to apply the environmental policy as a reference in our day-to-day activities such as sourcing, submission of tenders and introduction of new methods. Environmental work is a progressive process constantly requiring us to reconsider our views and therefore to regularly revise our environmental policy. Welcome to Environmental Policy 2009:1, revised June 2009.


Level Three: Staff Policy
"Employees must be allowed to function independently and develop their competences" Superclean attaches great importance to responsible staff management. With a staff of more than 200, our company is an important player on the labour market, and hence it is our responsibility to define a precise and specific staff policy. In conformity with our general environmental policy, we use our staff policy to describe specific staff measures and our related social commitment to customers, business partners and public institutions.

Internally, our staff policy is the basis of all parts of our staff management from recruitment and training to retirement. At the same time our staff policy describes how we handle social responsibility, including integration of socially vulnerable persons and "the inclusive labour market". Our staff policy is revised continuously in accordance with social requirements and developments on the labour market.


...the cleaning company that really cares

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