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The Management Team

Our staff are full qualified and experienced, some of whom trained with International institutes and have worked with reputable multi-national corporations in Uganda and around the world. Their details are displayed below:

Name & Position Profile
Mr. Jimmy Kisomose Ssonko
Managing Director
In Uganda, you will hear people referring to their Superior or Elder as Chief, Boss, Mzee, Mulodi (luganda for a person who is rich).
At Superclean Limited, Jimmy is the Leader; he steers to proper direction and coordinates all operations of the company.

His vast experience in Business Administration, Workplace Health and Safety achieved through formal training both internationally and locally; combined with his aspiration to transfer knowledge and best practices enabled Jimmy to found Superclean Limited in 1997.

Now if you asked, is Jimmy the boss a rich man? We would tell you YES, he is rich in his heart because he always wants to see a difference in the lives of people in the community.
He is a founding member of the Uganda Pest Control Association (UPCA) and is currently an Executive in the governing Council.
Jimmy also likes to keep physically fit, the reason he visits the gym and jogs a lot, participating in many local corporate and charity Marathons.

Mr. Lameck Kawooya
The Human Resource and Administration Manager.
How do you manage workers if you are not a Parent or have people management skills?

Many of Superclean staff refer to him as Daddy Lameck, Kojja Lameck, luganda for Uncle Lameck; because his indeed the person to go to for advice regarding anything, work related of course.
His manages his port folio with so much zeal; can you imagine he knows over 300 workers by name and locations? He will not give a slot at Superclean Limited unless his rest assured you are top notch in terms of background, quality credentials and reliable.
Superclean Limited prevails because of his expertise in recruitment, problem solving and social responsibility and above all Love for the Company.
By the way, he also administers in his local church - International Church of Christ - Kampala..

Fiona Agutu
The Accountant.
We all agree that ladies are good managers of resources especially money, right!!!

Fiona is concerned with the day to day financial aspects of the company. Her interest is in ensuring availability of finances in the company, debt collection and cost management.
Employees at Superclean love Fiona most especially at end month because they smile to their banks. Suppliers agree, she is professionally tough yet pays as per agreed terms.

A qualified and ambitious Accountant, Fiona’s passion for financial management is not doubted, she has set her heart to becoming a Certified (CPA) or Chartered Accountant (ACCA) soon.
By the way Fiona loves singing too; especially gospel music and ministers in her church choir. She is also a salsa dance addict and loves adventure.
Sssshhh……. (Whisper)………..She is a foodie, her love for food and new cuisines is adorable.
Rogers Latigo
The Sales and Marketing Manager
He believes in his earlier life he was a Tiger, a strategic Hunter. He has garnered experience from the media, Insurance industry, now his here in the Hygiene and Public health Industry.

He knows the importance of Strategy, be it Customer Service Programs, why visibility is pertinent and all efforts invested to gain competitive advantage.
Rogers, the Hunter is Superclean’s infantry commander because he leads and directs all our Marketing and Sales activities to the market. According to him, Teamwork leads to Success.
He loves the Tagline, “You will Never Walk Alone” – Liverpool FC
Winifred Naluyima Katende
The Procurement and Logistics Officer.
Many of our staff refer to her as “ Winnie”. She is the point person for all operational supplies, office or at our sites. She endeavors that the distributions of materials is timely and our suppliers know her for her persistence to get Superclean orders right and straight.

She loves her stores so much, takes care of them so diligently; her eye for quality WINS it for the company all the time.

Winnie loves listening to Country Music and admires Don Williams, hahaha…… a crazy Manchester United Fan too.
Mr. Simon Asiimwe
The Projects Manager
Cleaning is and has always been Simon’s dream job. He has so much passion for cleanliness; his dear wife (discreetly) has told us he will rewash his shirt two (2) times if even a tiny speck of dirt fell upon it.

Simon envisages development of the cleaning industry where Superclean Limited is inevitably the Leader to transfers our expertise to the entire cleaning industry.

He manages all our projects and sites, ensuring right field co-ordination and cooperation between our clients and us. He supervises field staff for competence and effectiveness.
For him, Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Evaluation are his reasons for waking up every morning.
Mr. Charles Ssonko
The Service Manager
We would not be exaggerating if we said Charles is an expert in ensuring a serene event in terms of, tidiness of the place. Many of the workers in his docket, the service department of Superclean refer to him as “Seki” a short for his other name Sekirevu. For Charles, the reason he likes events so much is not his affinity for grabs or drinks; it is his passion to attain a near perfect cleanliness before, during and after the event.

He is one of the pioneer employees of Superclean Limited, he is invaluable and one of the many reasons Superclean Limited continues to be sourced for preparation of events.
Charles loves spending time with Family; he loves his Wife and Children so much.

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